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RackMaster RM2020 Brick Oven

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  • 572° F maximum temperature
  • Three baking shelves, each 18x24”
  • Bakes up to 45 lbs. of dough at once
  • Individual controls for every shelf
  • Even baking, without product rotation
  • Robust build: 75% heavier than other ovens
  • Fully welded oven chamber
  • Tight steam-sealing for ideal crisp, chewy crusts
  • Solid, tight-sealing door with positive latch
  • Window view and light for every shelf
  • High efficiency saves energy & money
  • Commercial warranty
  • Made in Great Britain
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RackMaster Bread Oven, RM2020

Artisan sandwich loavesWOW! That was our reaction on first seeing RackMaster’s new commercial bread oven. We’ve only become more impressed as we’ve learned more about this new, British-made breadmaking masterpiece. Now we’re super excited to offer the RackMaster to bakers in the U.S.!

The RackMaster oven offers both home and commercial baking enthusiasts a no-compromise brick oven with the ideal combination of robust construction, and performance enhancing features that not only help you make fantastic bread, but also make the process easier and more fun, too.

RackMaster reexamined every aspect of the electric stone oven and produced a design that’s simple and strong, with important advancements in many areas. Two of our favorites are the RackMaster’s individual shelf heat controls, and very high 572° F maximum heating. This level of heat energy in the oven’s thick 1-7/16" stones is what produces outstanding oven spring, resulting in the ideal thin, crispy crust and delectably light and flavorful internal crumb. Its vertical design conserves floorspace, and electric operation is clean, fast and trouble-free.

  • “The craftsmanship is absolutely superb, everything is built to last. Needless to say it’s completely transformed my business and I couldn’t function without it.”

    – Shuna, Uprise Bakery, Bristol UK

Masonry ovens (also called retained-heat ovens, stone bread ovens, or brick ovens) store massive heat energy in their brick or stone construction before food is introduced. Energy is then released to the food by conductive, radiant, and convective transfer. A conventional kitchen oven uses only convection (air circulation), which is far less effective than the conductive (direct contact) and radiant (like the sun's rays) heat-transfer modes that a brick oven uses to produce superior baking results. Of all the techniques, tools and gadgets available to bakers, none is as effective as a brick bread oven at delivering professional-level results in your kitchen.


World renowned restaurants prefer masonry ovens for the superior texture and great depth of flavor they create in foods. Bread and pizza results are simply spectacular.

Once bread dough is slipped onto the baking surface of a brick oven, baking time is about half that of a conventional oven. Steam is retained by the RackMaster’s very tightly-sealed door, maintaining humidity that promotes a rapid dough-rising burst called oven spring, as heat transfers rapidly by direct contact (conduction) with the thick Chamotte stone the dough rests on.

Crusty sourdough loafSteam trays are unnecessary with the RackMaster because of its excellent door seal. For breads that you want to use extra steam with, it’s enough to just spray a little onto the stones with a water mister. To release steam, just slide open the oven’s steam damper. Its control knob is smartly positioned beside the opening, to prevent burns.

When dough rising is complete and steam is released, penetrating radiant heat combines with the stone oven’s ideal humidity to form a caramelized crust that’s delightfully crunchy with satisfying chew and deep, complex flavor. Meanwhile an open, tender crumb structure is developed throughout the interior of the loaf by the perfectly even heating that only a brick oven provides.


For thousands of years, building up the all-surrounding heat needed to perform such culinary magic meant starting a wood fire inside your masonry oven, letting the fire eventually die out, then scraping out the smoking ash and mopping the oven’s floor so you could put your dough in. Retaining enough heat to last through one or more baking cycles required a structure that could weigh a thousand pounds or more. Those aren't characteristics that incorporate well into a contemporary kitchen. The modern conventional oven solved the fire-building and massive bulk problems, but traded away food-heating qualities that mankind had enjoyed for millennia.

The RackMaster oven combines modern technology with all the best qualities of the traditional retained-heat brick oven, for sublime baking results without the wood, fire, smoke, ash, soot, and massive surrounding structure. Your dough doesn't know (or care) how the wonderful heat that it receives from your brick oven was created, and the RackMaster creates its heat with the cleanliness and convenience of electricity. Separate thermostatically-controlled heating circuits for each shelf allow you produce all the heat you want, with equally perfect results on every shelf. And you can see just what’s happening on every corner of each stone, thanks to the full length window and ample lighting.

The RackMaster gives you a true professional brick oven in your kitchen, that isn't huge, doesn't require chopped trees, doesn't produce ash, doesn't smoke or require a vent through your roof, and makes absolutely ideal breads. It works wonderfully in the home, and with its commercial warranty, it’s the perfect answer for professional micro-bakeries as well. The RackMaster is also fast and easy to relocate at any time, something that’s difficult or impossible with an all-masonry structure.

The RackMaster is built of extra heavy gauge, 1.2mm, 18/8 grade stainless steel, with rock wool insulation. Made by spinning fibers from molten minerals, rock wool withstands temperatures of over 2000° F. This industrial-grade rock wool also has excellent insulating efficiency. Thick, high density rock wool insulation board fills the walls and door of the oven, keeping heat contained in the thick stone baking surfaces of the oven where it works its wonders on your bread and other baked goods.

  • “Thanks for the quick service, and for shipping to the FPO address. It's been a total pleasure doing business with your company. This US sailor really appreciates your support.”

    – Ted Williamson, USN, Iceland

Decorated focaccia bread


神奇的架子上Master is by no means limited to bread and pizza! Roasted meats, steak, vegetables, casseroles, pies, croissants. You name it, the omni-directional, multimode heating of the brick oven bakes everything much, much better.


The high-mass masonry of a retained heat oven works equally well whether the construction is stone or fire brick. If you've heard about the baking characteristics of a brick or stone bread oven, the results are identical with either. As a retained-heat masonry oven, the RackMaster provides exactly the same superior culinary results as wood-fired ovens, but with the convenience of clean electric heat generation.


RackMaster brick ovens use common 230V single phase power. This is the same power used by conventional electric ovens and cooktops, and all kitchens (both home and commercial) have 230V power available. Depending on how your kitchen is wired now, and where you want to put your RackMaster oven, you may need to have an additional 230V receptacle installed. Unlike a wood or gas-fueled unit, the oven requires no outside venting, and relocates easily.



With its professional-grade construction and commercial warranty, RackMaster is the ultimate solution for perfect baking results, whether you operate a micro-bakery or baking school, or are a serious home baking artisan. And importantly, your investment is backed by Pleasant Hill Grain and RackMaster, reliable and long-established leaders in the bread baking world. Both service and parts are available through PHG for RackMaster ovens in North America.

Click here to see a map of several bakeries that use a RackMaster oven.

*Capacity is based on using 8.5" x 4.5" loaf pans, with 1-1/2 lbs of dough in each pan.

**Each shelf weighs 51 lbs, so if you remove the three shelves the oven weight is just 177 lbs, making it much more manageable to move.

RackMaster Brick Oven Specifications

Dough capacity* 45 lbs.
Max. temperature 572° F
Number of shelves 3 shelves
Size of baking surfaces 18 x 24 in.
Height of baking spaces 7.4 in.
External dimensions
(W x D x H)
31.9 x 23 x 37.4 in.
Electrical 3000W, 230V, 13A
Oven weight** 330 lbs.

For more details see the specs tab, above.


Questions? Please call 866-467-6123. We'd be happy to talk with you about a RackMaster oven or any of your baking needs.

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Brand RackMaster
Width 31.9"
Depth 23"
Housing Material Stainless steel
Capacity (weight) 46 lbs.
Temperature Range Up to 572° F
Power Electric (AC)
Volts AC 230
Watts 3000
Amps 13
Certifications CE
Cord Length 78"
Cord-End Plug 20 Amp (NEMA 6-20P)
Origin Imported
Commercial Warranty Yes
Warranty Length 1 year parts


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